Christmas Markets

The final month of the year is here and Christmas is on the way.

Christmas markets are a great way to get into the festive spirit and find presents for your loved ones (or yourself).

Many Christmas markets have already opened or will be opening very soon ready for you to explore all around the UK and Europe.

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We recommend you:

Find rooms at Travelodge from £32 or less and 100s of cities across the UK! So you can turn your Christmas market trip into a whole weekend extravaganza.

You will need a good pair of shoes to explore all the markets have to offer, something to keep your feet warm and comfortable and we know just the thing – Jones Bootmaker offers a wide range of sturdy shoes and quality boots at great prices with ever changing discounts, so you don´t have to sacrifice your feet to enjoy the season.

Find a wide range of winter coats, scarves, gloves and all the fashion you need to keep warm whilst exploring the markets from Debenhams – for a great discount of up to 50% and many more deals so attractive that you will not be able to miss them.

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